FFL Transfers

You should be able to pick up an electronic copy of my FFL by clicking this link: http://www.dfwshoots.com/ffl/Transfers_FFL.pdf.  Please send email to transfers@dfwshoots.com if you cannot access the on-line copy of the FFL.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are you still doing transfers? Yes, I am still doing transfers.

How much does a transfer cost? The fee is $25 per transfer.  One firearm or 20 firearms, it is just $25 per ATF e4473 form.  There is a $5 discount for CHL, LEO & Active Duty Military with appropriate ID.

How do I start a transfer? Emailed me your name, contact info, the type of firearm and where the firearm will be coming from (shippers name and state).  New customers – Feel free to call me at 817-987-6474 to see that I am a real person, etc... but all transfers are initiated and tracked via email.  Place your order with the seller.  Fax/email/mail them a copy of my FFL.  I will notify you after your package arrives and is ready for pickup.  I do transfers by appointment only, so between your schedule and mine, it may be a few days after it arrives before we can complete the transfer.  If this is not acceptable, please use a walk-in FFL.  They cost more, but you don’t have to wait.

Do I need to call you? There is no need to call me to let me know a gun is coming, but feel free to call me at 817-987-6474  or email me at transfers@dfwshoots.com.  I prefer email.

 I’m on Active Duty (military) and my PDS (permanent duty station) is not in Texas but my “home” is.  Where do I get my gun shipped? The ATF says your state of residence is your PDS, as indicated by your PCS (permanent change of station) paperwork, so you have to do the transfer there… even if it is California.  If you are “deployed” or at a “temporary duty station” then you are a resident of your “home” state, and I will be happy to hold your firearm for a reasonable amount of time at no charge while you serve our country.

Can my wife/brother/dad/friend pick my gun up for me? No.  That would be a felony.  Just wait until you can pick it up yourself.  If I even suspect that it is a straw purchase I will decline the transfer.

I only have a PO Box on my Driver’s License.  Is that a problem? Yes.  Make sure you bring a government issued ID with a street address or a government issued ID AND the 3 previous months worth of utility bills (all the same type bill) with a street address and YOUR NAME on them.